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A&EH 2014 Meyer Shield Premiers                                Photo by Mt. Barker Courier

by "Hawk I"     

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A&EH Presentation Dinner
This years Presentation Dinner will be on Friday March 28th
Venue - Langhorne Creek, Cost $25 Start 6.30 for 7pm. 
Its the Night of Nights where A&EH Crown the Cricketer of the year
Please keep this Night Free when all Trophy winners are announced.
Congratulations Batting Agg. D. Wescombe 574 Av. B Cousins 55
                          Bowling Agg. S. Nettle 41 wkts   Av. B Cousins (28) @10.96

Strath 102 (47) were 4/85 lost last 6 wkts for 17- Matt Abbott 34, Mark Abbott 31, S Collins 4/27
 def by  Nairne 7/104 (43) (were 7/89 in a close hard to get runs finish) T Heinrich 25, K Heinrich 20, Mark Abbs 4/49 (19) Matt Abbs 2/34 (19)

A2 - Finniss 134 vs. Bremer / Cally 5/57

Congratulations - Nairne C Grade Premiers
D Grade Loby 9/132 def Strath 100

Murray Towns A Grade Grand Final:  Jervois 58 def by Mannum 1/59

Hills Ass. Semi Finals:
                 Meadows 7/201 vs Scott Creek Iron Bank (SCIBs)
                 Mt Lofty 174  Vs Uraidla

                McLaren 137 Vs Willunga 0/3

STRATH Vs NAIRNE @ Strathalbyn
"Razors to Shave the Stallions"
Its the "Unlosable" Grand Final! Now how many times have we heard that line. Nairne have recruited well this season and its hard to find a passenger. The fab five of Michael "Concrete" Harden, Shaun "wild thing" Tait, Jarrad "Jezza" Tait, Luke "Spider" Harrowfield and Shane "chippy" Collins are all match winners on their day but when you throw in the Heinrich boys and the Crook's along with Shane "chucky" Burkett behind the stumps Strath will have to be at their best.
Like any final the key will be bat first so im sure "Captain Cuz" Ben Cousins will bat if the coin falls his way. The Stallions will need score board pressure to win so if they can make around 180 - 200 and bowl well they are a silly chance.
Mark "Tony" Abbott is travelling better than the politicians, he gets the job done when required, he answers the questions, and he's not frighten to help his colleges  out with bat and ball. Matt "Big Red" Abbott ran into some form last week and along with Steven "scoey" Schofield and along with the Cousins boys Ben & Luke form the brunt of the batting so one will need to make a big score against the strong Nairne attack. Damian Newham has been in good touch lately and if "Joli over" Jason Oliver can swing some quick runs in the late overs Strath could be well placed at the half way mark. The Abbott boys are the key to their attack and if "Cuzo"  can get a few to spin off the grass brother Luke has not cut this just may give the home side "an edge". 
But seriously runs will be hard to get for the Stallions. Harden has play A Grade District Cricket, Shaun Tait has a bus load of experience on turf, and Australian opening bowler who will find a yard at strath, Collins, is the best swing the ball both ways in the comp and along with "Jezza" Tait a professional cutter during the week and weekends, and throw in "spider" Harrowfield and its the best attack in SA Country.
Nairne have the longest batting order on the planet, so if Strath are to get close they must hold their catches because these Nairne boys will give a chance like we seen last week.
In Closing it should be a ripper the heart says Strath but the brain says Nairne in one of the best finals for years, Nairne look to have more depth in the bottom 6 players which will get them over the line but Crickets a funny game. Can the Stallions stop the Nairne juggernaut I don't think so for me Nairne and I don't think we have seen Shaun Tait at his best I think it will be this weekend on the turf at Strath.
Good luck to all and good luck to the Umpires and i'll try and get update scores on the home page over the weekend.   

SEMI FINALS RESULTS 15th & 16th March
1 V 4 Strath 2/125 (23) Mark Abbott 73 (no) def Lobethal 10/122 (47) Mark Abbs 4/47, Matt Abbs 4/43 @ Strath
2 V 3 Nairne 314 (69) J Tait 117(61 balls), Harrowfield 47, Crook 29, Galvin 7/91 def Woodside 59 (38) M Harden 5/12 (10) @ Nairne

" Hawk i" Semi Final Review
"The Abbott Show"
In cool conditions at Strath the home side had first use of a deck that had little in it, so the bowlers needed to bend their back.
Loby started well and at 0/20 had a solid but slow start. However that's when the wheels fell off as the Visitors lost 7/50 to be reeling at 7/70. All of a sudden it was all up to the Veterans Mark "Womble" Wimberley and Andrew Frohling to dig their beloved Loby out of a big hole. Wimberley batting at 9 batted way to low and at 6 he may have been able to steady the ship at 4 down but not to be as he ran out of partners to remain not out with some lusty blows to push Loby to a mediocre score of 122. Strath were right on top in the field and along with Mark "Tony" Abbott and Matt "Big Red" Abbott and the general "Cuzo" Cousins the Stallions had all the answers.
In Reply Strath used just half of the overs Loby used to poleax the Visitors attack in 23 Overs to run out winners just 2 down for 125. "Tony" Abbott showed why he is number one in this comp crushing Loby's "Womble" Wimberley for 4 big sixes to lead his side to a Grand Final. For me Wimberley bowling in the 4th over was way to early into the attack and then when he did bowl he bowled five overs to many to see Strath reach the target with ease. Luke Cousins offered good support while Steven Schofield got the job done and at close of play, with the score passed the match was called off to see Strath advance to the A & EH Grand Final.

"Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust if 'Jezza' don't get you the 'Wild Thing' must"
At Nairne it was the 11 Carriage Goods Train that rolled in. Lead by the Engine "Hobbitt" Heinrich and the twin carriages 'The Tait brothers' Jarrad and Shaun its a frightening "Razorback" and when you add the carriage that carries no freight just cob webs and one dangerous Spider ( Luke Harrowfield) along with the rail cart full of peanuts you got to ask yourself why would you need the last cart full of "Cement" with a seat for Michael Harden to slot in. 
Batting first as you do in any final Nairne are well placed with 314 on the board however the 'Woodies' have let them out of jail as the home side were 8/160 and in trouble until the "Professional Cutter" on a week day carved up the 'Woodies' on the weekend in a sensational display smashing 79 for the ninth wicket with Shane "chippy" Collins (18) to put the game out of Woodsides reach and then a further 74 with "Concrete" Harden to push the home side up to a match winning 314 all out. Jarrad Tait was last out with a magnificent 117 to his name ( off just 61 balls) in one of the best tonnes you'll ever see smashing some big sixes on the "toy ground" at Nairne. Aaron "Ironman" Galvin (7/91) was back to his best in a solo effort for the Warriors but with Baschiera only bowling two overs it left the visitors attack one down and with Craig "Buckets" Medlow going for 33 runs off 3ov it was hard to keep the ball in play. 
Woodside have faced 1 over to stumps without loss to be 0/0 and a lot of work to do against SA Country's best bowling attack. 
Woodside resumed at 0/0 and although slow the openers manage to keep the bowlers at bay, the scoring was hard work. But when they exited at 2/20 and "buckets" Medlow(11) soon after at 3/28 Nairne were right on top an not even warmed up. All of a sudden it all rested on "wingas" Wescombe shoulders but they are only small shoulders and when the pace of the "Razors" attack started to win the battle even "Wingas" bat didn't want to be out there as that departed for (2) broken in half. Johnson (7) and "Wingas" set about rebuilding the innings but when the later departed that was the start of a mini collapse as Michael "Concrete" Harden controlled the bowling crease with some quick short pitch bowling to which the visitors had no answers. Woodside lost the last 7 wickets for 6 runs. Craig Smith (LBW) was very unlucky to be one of Hardens victims as a thick inside edge could be heard from the boundary. With an early finish before Tea players were able to celebrate with afternoon tea Nairne plodding their plan of attack next week at Strath while Woodside go home with their tail between the legs to plan for next season and how they can match this powerful Razorback combination. The Woodies were all out for a poultry 59 to see Nairne take on Strath on the turf next week in a Final that should be a ripper providing the showery weather holds off.  


Last Round Summary
With 2 games not in results wont change things to much and should see the Major Round go ahead as above.
L/Creek finished the season with a bit of fight to hold off outright defeat lead by M Tonkin 43 to remain not out. Scott Higgins 5/41 found some good areas running into this weeks final but all in all it was a long season for the Creeks who just couldn't get their best on the park while Loby tackle top side Strath and go in as underdogs in a blockbuster at "Cuzzo's albyn"

The other match with results to hand, seen Nairne run out winners by 210 runs. Ashbourne didn't lie down and made a useful 186 led by "Stiddo" with 55 not out. The "Bulls" faced 54 overs to not only drag the game out but give the "Razors" some much needed bowling practice running into this weeks semi final defending their strong hold on the A&EH title. The "Tait combo" along with "penut" Foster and "Concrete" Harden will be hard to toss, and with SA's goods train batting line up 6 in a row looks a certainty.

RESULTS 1st Feb last round 8th Feb (in Black)
L /Creek 63(22) J Cock 24, C Cowlam 3/7 & 8/130 (47) M Tonkin 43no, S Higgins 5/41 def by Loby 9/253 (70) b matthews 50 odd' s graeber 46.
Nairne 9/ 396 (70)  t hienrich 104,  shaun tait 96, crook 62 def Ashbourne 186 (54) A Stiddson 55no, R Godson 2/20
Strath 10/222 (69)  mark abbs 97, cuz 40, pelle 40 & 2/124 def  Wistow 
Hahndorf  126 & 92 def by Woodside
104 & 4/116 (Hahndorf 1st Inn & Woodside Outright)

Day 1 in Review
last week i picked mt lofty in the 'Sinclair' show and i was right on the money. Arguably the number one caller it all looks bread &butter from here. You dont have to be ironstein but it just took one second to review last weeks scores and all matches went as expected. Matthews and Graeber were solid for Loby setting them up but you cant see the Creeks making that score if they start now. Nairne are the best side in SA Country & with The  '747' landing and unloading 'The wild thing' Shaun Tait (96) theres on one thing for 'hobbit' Heinrich to do and thats prepare the victory speech. Todd 'bigbash' Heinrich (104) found some much needed form running into finals But With 400 on the board  the 'Bulls' must  play for pride.
Strath made 222 dominated by Mark 'tony'Abbs (97) fired 3 short of what was a classy knock Ben 'cuzo' Cousins chipped in with a useful 46 but i cant see Wistow pushing the Stallions on their home deck In a game that has no bearing on the Four.
Hahndorf finished the season how they started and its been a disappointing year for the pies. No scores entered on the web and you cant blame them but the day belong to 'the swinger' Shane Druwitt who with 4 scalps had plenty of party tricks. At 1/30 the Warriors should get some   much needed form ahead of next weeks finals.

Don't Forget the Courier Cup (Super Challenge) Final Sunday at Woodside Starts at 12.30 (40 over match) the Warriors should start favourite with Aaron "Ironman" Galvin returning from the Back Injury, "Buckets" Medlow in form, " Hooter"
 Johnson dominating and the Under rated Shane "swinger" Druwitt,The "commentator " Dave Collins holding the middle order together and "Wingas" Wescombe who's the key to there batting. Up against Mt Lofty with Mark Sinclair, Jordan Neece Beer, Lachlan Stuckey, Nick Justice & Dave Bennett should be a ripper Woodside have played in the last 3 Grand Finals. Well done to Umpires Greg Pretty and Glen Thompson who will officiate. The Bowling of Sinclair, Neece Beer and Bennett should get the Visitors home.     

Results Rd 13  Sat.15&22nd Feb.
Rivalry Round

FINAL Scores
Hahndorf 153 (56.4) def L/Creek 83 & 9/144 (44), Strath 7/219 (54) def Ashbourne 72 (27),
Loby 158 (62.3) def by Woodside 5/235 (77), Nairne 10/292 (64.2)  def Wistow
151 (67.2)
Round 13 Review
At the time of write up, games went as expected with Strath belting arch rival Ashbourne in a one day match and Woodside easily accounted for Lobethal showing a fair gap on the table between 3 & 4.
Following last weeks decision to call the match off due to an unsafe wet outfield Ashbourne batted first in their one day clash. However they were quickly bundled out for 72 in just 27 overs. The loss of Todd Price(1) early didn't help and when Andy Malkin (9) departed in a mix up "the Bulls" never recovered. Thomas Hill (17) top scored opening the batting but got no support. "Little Benny" Dean didn't bother the scorers  while Andrew "Stiddo" Stiddson (12)made useful runs in the tail to prevent embarrassment. In a bad day for the visitors Ashbourne year comes to an end in what looked a promising season early.
Chasing the mediocre score Strath had know trouble smashing 7/219 of 54ov, Farr, Cheeseman & Dellatore each took two wickets. 

At Loby the home side had the runs on the board however is wasn't enough as cross town Rival Woodside batted out the day to be 5/235 from last weeks 7 overs and another 70 (77). With details sketchy most batsman got among the runs with some good partnership to get the Warriors over the line and cement a finals birth. Loby used 8 Bowlers with even the "Kernal" Col Hackett 1/14 (5) rolling the arm over to take out the bowling honours. Four other bowlers (D.Huxter, Frohling, Higgins & Matthews) shared a wicket a piece whilst interestingly Mark "Womble" Wimberley (18) overs went wicket less.

1 Strathalbyn 12 1 8 1 2 0 81 2185 120 1957 108.85
2 Nairne 12 0 8 1 3 0 83 1982 106 2032 94.17
3 Woodside 12 0 7 1 4 0 106 2292 94 1670 86.72
4 Lobethal 12 0 6 1 5 0 83 1908 102 2185 79.68
5 Ashbourne 12 0 5 2 5 0 89 1516 97 1583 73.41
6 Wistow 12 1 3 1 7 0 92 1660 105 2143 70.60
7 Hahndorf 12 0 2 2 8 0 107 1974 86 1920 54.94
8 Langhorne Creek 12 0 2 1 7 2 130 1612 61 1639 43.32

Prediction -
With Strath, Nairne, Woodside & Loby leading the Top four it would appear the Draw will have some affect on 4th spot & maybe Nairne wont finish top because they miss an outright chance over the Creeks but the draw could still see it go right to the last ball bowled for fourth spot. The top two looks set with Strath and Nairne but from there its anyone's game. Woodside sit 7pts clear but face Loby at Loby and Hahndorf at "The Cliff" both danger games but they should finish third. Fourth spot is a raffle its heavy traffic between Loby, Ashbourne & Wistow, I don't think Hahndorf can make it but its a funny game. Loby (6.27pts clear) in fourth have the "Warriors" and the "Vine Boys" an outright over the Creeks (last round) would probly get them home. Ashbourne take on Strath(this week) and Nairne(last round) I cant see them pinching either so "The Bulls" will be watching finals. Wistow will have to play at there best facing Nairne (this week) and Strath (last rd) I cant see Wistow recording another win but Crickets a funny game. Hahndorf look to far behind to over run Loby, however an outright this week over "The Creeks" would give them momentum for the last round against Hahndorf but for me they look too far back.
"Hawk I" Final four Strath, Nairne, Woodside & Lobethal. 

Rd 12
L/Creek V Nairne, Ashbourne V Loby, Woodside V Strath, Wistow V Hahndorf
With  temperatures over 40 degrees two weeks in a row  Rd 12 was called off (Hot weather policy) both weeks resulting in this round being DRAWN matches.

Meyer Shield team of the year: Rohan Reid, Hills, Ty Pfeiffer, Murray Towns, Luke Harrowfield, Alexandra Eastern Hills, Todd Middleton, Hills, Braden Altus, Great Southern, Tom Johnston, Alexandra Eastern Hills, Mark Rumbelow, Hills, Shane Bakridi, Alexandra Eastern Hills, Mark Cooper, Kangaroo Island, Travis Bahr, Southern, Ben Cousins, Alexandra Eastern Hills, Shane Druwitt, Alexandra Eastern Hills

CONGRATULATIONS A&EH Cricket Association
2014 Carnival WINNERS
LAST WON Meyer Shield 1997
FINAL scores
Hills 9/166
B Cousins 3/40 (10), T Johnson 2/25 (9), S Bakridi 1/36 (10), L Harrowfield 1/2 (1), Mark Abbott (1wicket) bowled really tight, def by A&EH 9/168 (48ov) Col Hackett (37), Ben Cousins (33) no, Tom Johnson (22).
In Review ~ Great performance by the boys. I manage to get out on the weekend and have a look at some great cricket despite the warm weather. A&EH appeared to shock opposition sides with the "spin kings" Cousins and Bakridi with the later taking out the Best Bowler for the tournament with (8) wickets.
Against G/sthn we were far to good with the bat and right on the money with the bowling department with Shane Bakridi 6/26 on fire. We batted first against M/Towns and with 273 on the board you don't lose to many from there in warm conditions. Luke 'spider' Harrowfield (90) lead from the front he was outstanding until run out,the Bowling again was tight and the fielding excellent with some good catches taken. Murray Towns were under the pump with 'TJ' Johnson and Steven "stingy" Nettle tieing the batsman down with pressure. But it was the spin again of Bakridi & Cousins in tandem as they flattened the 'Townies' line up with the only yelp from Andy Fidge who didn't like the umpires decision when he was trapped in front. MT were all out for 162.

Grand Final ~ It was a replay of 2013, again Hills batted first (this time no rain) and again some tight fielding kept the runs down along with some good on the spot bowling. We picked up important scalps as wicket fell steadily before they got set and again it was the spinners that spun us to victory Cousins & Bakridi taking four wickets together. Hills made 166. Our chase was well set up by Colin 'Kernal' Hacket (37) opening the batting he was like concrete and set up a great foundation ably supported by Ben 'Cuzzo' Cousins (33) who remained not out while 'TJ' got some of his usual straight drives going to reach a well made 22. In the end we fell in by 1 wicket with 2 overs to spare to be 9 / 168 and the Meyer Shield back in the safe hands of aeh where it belongs. 
Well done to all the team and despite probly our best side not on the park it was a great win and shows the depth this competition has. Well done to all the organises, umpires and of course the Murray Towns clubs for hosting what is still a very popular carnival. We shall do it all again in 2015. 

Final Score Sunday

A&EH 9/273 L Harrowfield 90 (run out) def M.T 162 (43ov)

A&EH play Hills Monday 27th @ Mypolonga

Congratulations Luke "spider" Harrowfield (Named Captain)

Saturday Scores
A&EH (S Bakridi 6/26) def Great Southern
Murray Towns def Southern
Hills def Kangaroo Is.
Invitation XI def Torrens Valley

Sunday A&EH Vs Murray Towns @ Mannum
              Hills Vs Inv. XI

FINAL at Mypolonga (Monday)

Alexandra and Eastern Hills takes on Great Southern at the Murray Bridge Showgrounds starting at 10am.
Murray Towns will face Southern in their first match on Saturday at Mypolonga,

Kangaroo Island will take on Hills Cricket Association at "Magpie Stadium" (Karoonda), and Torrens Valley will start firm favourite against the Invitation 11 at "Headquarters" (Johnson Park).

The Invitation 11 will be made up of half the hosting association, meaning eight more Murray Towns players will get the chance to strut their stuff on the big stage.

Mannum's Josh Hancock will captain the side, while Tyson Bradley (Meningie), Paul Baxter, Chris Walker (Tailem Bend), Ben Trenorden (Imperials), Daniel Gilmore (Jervois), Zakk Bullard and Nick Norman (Karoonda) will form the bulk of the team, with one rep from each association making up the team.

Sunday games will be played at "Fly Park" (Jervois), "Tonka Park" (Tailem Bend) and the "Kooka's Nest" (Mannum), with the results of Saturday's game determining who plays who.

The " Fruit Bowl" at Mypolonga will host the final on Monday.

Round 11 IN REVIEW
With a couple of handy ins for the Creeks they easily accounted for Wistow to record there second win, Wistow could be called "the yoyo's" with their form been up and down. Woodside had a day they would rather forget going down to the rampant "Bulls" Ashbourne skittled the Warriors for 81 and had no trouble reaching the total in the 24 over. Strath continued their great form with a win over Loby in a game you could describe as a nail biter, Loby set the Stallions 185 to win and it would appear they reached the total on the last ball with one wicket in hand Mark "Tony" Abbott was again a stand out for the home side. Last game seen Nairne belt Hahndorf to get some much needed form as we head toward finals. The maggies who look like they wont play finals now managed 163 while Nairne smashed 259 to again put the nerves among the top teams that they are still around to defend their outstanding 5 flags in a row.  

ROUND 11 RESULTS 18th Jan. (1day)   
L/C 4/142 (29.1) def Wistow 10/141(39.2)                                               
Woodside 10/81 (35) def by Ashbourne 3/82 (24)                              
Strath 9/185 (40) LAST BALL def Loby 184 (40)                                               
Nairne 8/259 (40) def  Hahndorf 9/163 (40)                                      
The 20/20 matches have created some big debate -  thanks for those who have Text me. Some players are saying they should not be for Premiership Points while others are saying they shouldn't be played on a Sunday while others (older players) are not happy about playing two days of Cricket in a row, that they should have been on a normal Saturday.
I'm sure the committee will take these opinions on board for next year. "Hawk I" sais play them on a Saturday and not for Premiership Points, Get a couple of sponsors and play for a cup and some Prize money. Clubs can always do with extra money to go toward facilities.

ROUND 9 SUNDAY 12th Jan                                     Round 10 12 Jan
20/20  GAME 1                                                             GAME 2
LC 8/118 d Hahndorf 8/111                   Strath 4/129 d L/Creek 8/126
Ash. 8/100 def by Strath 2/105             Hahndorf 8/84 def by Ashbourne 6/85
Woodside 6/143 d Loby 5/140              Nairne 6/137 d Woodside 8/135
Wist. 8/146 def by Nairne 8/197            Loby   V  Wistow (No Scores)
20/20 Review
"Creeks Brake the ICE"
Surprise result  from the Sunday games seen L/Creek upset Hahndorf in RD 9. Strath had no trouble easily accounting for Ashbourne, while Woodside got over Loby as expected in a tight one, and Nairne showed why they are the champs at this 'HIT & Giggle" Cricket cleaning up Wistow.
Rd 10 seen Strath win both there matches on Sunday bringing 'The Creeks back to earth' winning by 6 wickets. Ashbourne made Hahndorf suffer two losses for the sunday while Nairne completed two out of two in there usual close encounter with the Woodies.


Rd 8 in REVIEW.
"Kernal swoops Maggies"
Col 'Kernal' Hackett  (93) swooped on the poor magpies bowling to nearly record what would have been a great 100 but fell 7 runs short.
Chasing 129 Loby had no trouble reaching 3/133 (27.2) overs to take the points and make it hard for Hahndorf to play finals. 
Mark 'womble' Wimberley 4/31 (7.2) starting to find some good areas however still seems to be having NO BALL problems. Veteran Andy Frohling  3/25 (8) fired up the V8 rig to break the home sides top order.

Just when I thought Wistow were starting to make a mark on the competition they have lost a match they needed to win. The Bulls batted first and reached a very competitive 167 mainly thanks to Adam "Morgan" Wright he is the English version of Owen Morgan. He should have played Tests for England and Likewise Wright should have been in the A's from round 1. But for me it was an 8th wicket partnership of (36) with Andrew Stiddson (11)no & then "Stiddo" &Tim Dellatore (11)no in the last overs, that broke the back of the boys from "The Hill". In reply Wistow were bundled out for a poultry 87 (32) overs. It was all about the bowlers "Dell" picked up 1/3 (5) overs, Wright 0/10 (5) was economical, Will Fowlston 2/18 (8) was again handy, 'Stiddo' 2/15 (6) greased up the wheelchair to again the destroy the Visitors, Glen 'Moldy' Moulders 3/23 (5) had the batsman looking stale, while Shane Bakridi 2/14 (3.1) the sixth bowler used joined in the party.     

The last match in seen a win to the Warriors. However it wasn't convincing as they crawled to 8/104 chasing 'The Creeks' 103. Shane Druwitt 4/9 (8) was unplayable in one of his best trundles. M Tonkin (26) top scored for the vine men but you don't win to many games with just a 100 on the board. Woodside opener Matt Johnson (32) again held the top order together while a super effort by "The Commentator" Dave Collins (32) got them over the line. At one stage 5/61 & 7/92 the Creeks were right in it but in the end Woodside just had that more batting depth and its going to be a long season for the Creeks without "TJ" Johnson.  

L/Creek 103 def by Woodside 8/104                     
Ashbourne 8/167 def Wistow 87                            
Nairne 147 def by Strath 204                                                       
Hahndorf 129 def by Lobethal 3/133                     

Highlight of Rd 7 was 'Neon' Leon Maxwell's tonne, but he couldn't get the Maggies up on 'The Cliff Face'. While over on "The Hill" Im shore the first chorus in the Church Sunday morning was " Then sings my soul my saviour god to the, HOW GREAT THOU ART" and Nairne made hard work of the small total losing 7 wickets with just 2 overs to spare to beat Loby in a close finish.

Hahndorf won the toss and "Neon Leon" open the innings and in one of his best knocks carved the stallion attack up. Useful scores by Ryan Trafford Walker (20) and Andrew 'Breadvan' Baker (24) pushed the home side up to 186 from 40 Overs but it just seemed about 15 short against the strong fast Stallion line up. In reply Strath finished with 7/187 and 3 balls to spare to win by 3 wickets. No details on web(batting) but Mark "Mr T" Walker 1/17 (8) was the best of the bowlers as it would appear Strath gave a few generous run outs.
It would appear Sam Hayden 3/34 (8) was best bowler (score not entered correct on Website) !!

Wist V Wood
Wistow had first use of the 'Toy Ground' on the hill and put a good score of 164 in the books but at Wistow  on the toy ground they would have like 20 more. Nether the less Mitchell Hein (65) not out steered the ship and with back up from David Kinlough (35), "Barrel" Lynn (27) with some lusty swings added (48) with Hein in a match winning stand and Joe 'Jono' Johnson (12) in the late overs pushed the score up to 7/164 for the home side. Best of the Warriors bowlers were M Hennessy with (3) wickets.
With Woodside batting not entered on the my cricket web details are very brief but with great bowling by Mitchell Hein 3/20(8) and Steve "Stingy" Nettle 3/26 (8) they restricted the Warriors to 9/157 (40) overs to record an upset victory and give themselves a great chance to play finals. Oliver "Dean" Lukins, Matt Hein and Daniel Hughes all took one wicket.

Loby V Nairne

In one day cricket as a Captain you cant stress how important to the players batting out the 40 overs is.
Loby bowled out in the 35th over could only put a mediocre 129 on the board and up against a quality "Razorback" outfit it was never going to be enough. Colin "kernel" Hacket (25) set the foundation at 1/29 but a top order collapse (3/7) had the Tigers in all sought of trouble at 4/36. Scott Higgins (57) again rescued the Home side to post his 3rd half century this season and with(185) in his last 3 hits is a dangerous Tiger. Steve Huxter (4)help rebuild with Higgins as they added 44 however the later done all the scoring. However with "Higgos" departure (118) the tail didn't wag all out for 129 the last 3 wickets on that score. Nairne were well served by Jacob Sadler 4/17(5) and "Spider" Harrowfield 3/25 (6) and "the Bullet" Mat Melvin 1/11(5) who no one can score off. In reply Nairne had the target always in reach with regulars Shane 'chuky' Berkett (34), Captain Kym "Hobbit" Heinrich (24) and Matt Crook (24) doing all the early damage while Melvin (23) smashed some quick runs in the last overs to remain not out and get the points. For Loby there bowlers toiled away but couldn't get vital wickets early enough to create scoreboard pressure with Scott Aufderheide (first game this season) and Mark "Womble" Wimberley sharing 2/20 (8) a piece.  

Ashbourne V L/Creek
Are the 'Creeks at the Crossroads'? well when I seen this score I thought it had been washed out.
Details sketchy Langhorne Creek won the toss & batted first and were bowled out in the 23rd over for a pathetic 41. Adam Wright 5/16(8)promoted from B grade thought this years Christmas had come early in a brilliant display crushing the vine boys in style. Will Fowlston 3/9 (5.4) was again on the money, as again no scores on the web for the Creeks and I don't blame them. In reply the Bulls took no pity as Thomas Hill (32)no finally got double figures after 8 hits for the home side. Ashbourne used just 8 overs to reach the total at 1/44 and yes  the beer didn't even get time to get cold. The plus for the Creeks was at least they took one wicket and they didn't have to field for 40 overs.

Lobethal 129 (35) def by Nairne 7/133 (38)                The Razors
Ashbourne 1/44 def L/Creek 10/41                             The Bulls               
8/186(40) def by Strathalbyn 7/187(39.3)  The Stallions
7/164 (40) def Woodside 9/157 (40)               The Warriors

On Behalf of,
The Alexandrina & Eastern Hills Cricket Association Committee
we wish You and Your Family a HAPPY NEW YEAR and remind you
to drive safe, have a good break and come back refreshed for next year.
WE look forward as always to the Meyer Shield end of January more details
to come watch this space.

Bruce Phillips

L/Creek 72 & 109(43) def by Strath  2/174dec & 0/8 (0.5) OUTRIGHT
Ashbourne 145(42) drew Hahndorf  6/132(28)              
Woodside 127& 3/155(39) def by Nairne 9/171 dec 23+31(54)ov                          
Wistow 10/180(65) def by Loby  244(58)                                

Round Review again see results sketchy on the My Cricket Web. My New years resolution is surely to wake up and see all scores updated and posted on the web. Ashbourne and Hahndorf fought out a surprise Draw this could come back to bite the Maggies as they were only a handful of runs from victory. Mulders and Dellatore saved the Bulls from embarrassment top scoring with 31 runs each as the Bulls made 145 from 42 Overs. In reply details are brief with Hahndorf making 6/132 when stumps were drawn (no Scores). The veteran Andy "Stiddo" Stiddson 2/16(5) these days is like a good bottle of wine, just gets better with age.

At Woodside the Razors resumed with not many down and plenty on the scoreboard, however it appears Luke "Spider" Harrowfield  34* didn't resume his place one can only assume he had to clear some spider webs in some chimneys for Santa Claus. It didn't bother the Maroons as they coasted to a good lead on first innings(44) to be 9/171 declared. Brad Collins (41) polaxed the 'Warrior' attack to add a vital cog to the Nairne "Goods Train" batting line up. Michael "bodda" Klose was outstanding taking (5) wickets. At stumps the Warriors had some batting practice fairing much better in the second innings to be 3/155 from the remaining 39 Overs at the Close. No Batting available but im told Matt "Mad" Melvin 1/7(6) sent down some Bullets in a powerhouse display but as to why Michael Harden only bowled 1 over is a mystery to me.

"Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, if 1 Abbott don't get you the other one must"
Well what can I say about the Creeks its hard to see an old club you played for many years ago struggling especially when they only played in the Grand Final 2 years ago. It just goes to show how important two players (Johnson & Golding) are to the Creeks. But like in everything the wheel turns and the boys will have to soldier on and try and re build for the rest of the season. Maybe they should have just fielded a A2 team this year.
Facing just 43 overs they were bundled out in the second innings for a mediocre 109 leaving the Stallions just 8 needed for the Outright Victory.
Stalwart Trev "TPot" Potts (7) just hasn't been able to get his beloved club off to a good start but when you have two "Tony" Abbotts you have no hope. Mark skittled the Vineyard line up last week and Matt, "Big Red"crushed the juice out of the Creeks this week to leave them flattened. Captain Ben "Cuzzzo" Cousins has this team flying at the minute, and at the Xmas break they look well placed to play finals.   

Loby recorded a much needed win over Wistow at 'the Hill' and this will make it hard for Wistow to play Finals. The home side were travelling nicely until 5th bowler used Scott Higgins tore them apart with an Impressive 5/47 (15) overs. Wistow had no answers while Mark "Womble" Wimberley kept it tight at the other end sending down a marathon 20 overs finishing with1/43. With ice baths rare on "The Hill" 'Womble' may have needed the Refreshment Esky emptied quick to sooth those tired muscles from the inspiring effort. All in all a great win for Loby to keep them in touch with the four which is looking heavy traffic as Jingle Bells Plays. Charlie Cowlam 3/49(14) also done some damage of his own finding some great areas. It would appear Veteran Andrew Frohling 0/2 (1) may have injured the V8 engine but im shore he'll return after Christmas Break Service.


Round Review - Strath belted the Creek attack to declare at 2/174 from just 138 balls after skittling the creeks like wine bottles falling 
for 72. Mark Abbott 100 pulled the curtain on his own show in a polished display to record a brilliant tonne. Abbott then continued the pain for the Creeks taking 4 wickets in sensational display of cricket to stamp authority on the Cricketer of the Year Award. Langhorne's are 2/17 at stumps to be staring an outright defeat.

Woodside batted first against Nairne and didn't fair too well in the match of the round. All Out for 127. As I said in a previous write up we haven't seen the best of Michael Harden 6/41(16)  yet but Saturday he was firing on all eight cylinders. Clint "peanut" Foster gave great support with 3/21(10). In reply Nairne 1/62(23) are in control as the "Goods Train" batting line up will have no trouble reaching the Warriors mediocre score. Luke "Spider" Harrowfield 34no is starting to get the pace of the A&EH comp and the "Razors" should have no problem getting the points. 

Loby batted first at "The Hill" and compiled a pretty useful 244, it was probly 30 more than Wistow wanted but on the small oval down the hill this target is  gettable. Ben Matthews(69) looked in good touch while Scott "Higgo" Higgins (69) turned up the heat in the late overs to put the Tigers in a good position. Hacket, Weeks and Huxter all made starts in the twenty while Mark Wimberley didn't "womble" out for a duck.  Steve "The Destroyer" Nettle 5/72(21)continues his good form now with (26) wickets. At stumps Wistow 1/16 have had one blemish to see the match evenly poised and could have a bearing n the final four come later in the season. Matt Hein was unlucky out for 11 as Dave Huxter 1/3(6) was on fire. 

RD 5 30th Nov  Scores at a Glance
                              BRUCE'YS TIPS
Nairne 3/129(16) def L/Creek 7/125(40)                        This Week 2/4
Loby 4/156 (29) def Ashbourne 152 (38)                      Close Games.
Strath 7/185(40) V Woodside  9/198 (40)                      
Hahndorf 9/144 (40) def by Wistow 7/145 (38.1)         


The Visitors won the toss and  decided to bat, and that's all they won, but it was well worth it otherwise a long day in the field was on the menu. The Creeks compiled a respectable 125 for the loss of 7 but more importantly was the fact they batted out 40 overs against one of SA Country's best attacks. "Chippy" Collins 3/11 (7) was unstoppable while Matt "Mad" Melvin 2/12 (6) was "Mad" and when he's on song he must be the quickest bowler with a lethal bouncer in A&EH Cricket this season. Michael Harden 1/22 (8) hasn't got out of second gear yet but done the job while Jezza Tait 1/24(8) with his "little Sessners" was hard to get off the square.
Nairne in reply thought it was 20/20 cricket when they smashed 129 from just 16 Overs to show how dangerous this side is. They aren't called the Razors for nothing, they were sharp, clean and smooth. The Murray Towns "spider" Luke Harrowfield 57(43) balls was like a red back he crunch the attack, he was most dangerous and when he seen "red" he hit hard and the opposition had no answers. He was well assisted by team mates "Jezza" Tait 26 (14) balls playing "Aeroplane Cricket" and surprisingly opening "the dig" while the "Hobbit" Captain Kym 22 (16) balls remained not out to show the "wine boys" a few remedies of his own. It was a return to form and the winners list for Nairne while for Langhorne's it will be a long rebuilding season down amongst the vineyards.     

Loby V Ash.
In a match I predicted would be close, finished up a fairly easy victory for the boys from Lobethal. Ashbourne batted first and made a pretty good 152 but didn't bat all the overs (38)which proved more than costly in the end pulling up about 40 runs short. Again no results on the my Cricket site but for Lobethal most bowlers got among the spoils with Mark "Womble" Wimberley 4/13 (8) overs finding some form from two seasons ago, but just 13 runs from 48 balls shows how much he loves the home deck at 'Tiger Park'. He was well assisted by Dave Huxter 3/35(8) as Loby bowling and fielding put plenty of pressure on the "Bulls". Loby in Reply had no trouble reaching the total as Scott Higgins 59 remained Not Out to dominate the latter half of the innings while 'The Kernal" Col hackett (28) does what he does best, getting the home side off to a good solid start and then departed back to the shed with the dreaded LBW. Mitchell Weeks (35) gave great support in the middle order adding 80 with Higgins, to record a very important win for Loby to make finals, while for the 'Bulls' its going to be hard work from here for a Finals Birth in March.

H V Wist. 
Great win by the Wistow club in this match. Winning the toss they said Hahndorf you can put the pads on! The Maggies must have thought it was Christmas but unfortunately the presents were wrapped but nothing in them! Batting first they were 9/144 after 40 and it didn't look enough on the small Hahndorf Oval. The boys 'From the Hill' bowled well, Steven "sticks" Nettle 4 /30 (8) found some great areas while Daniel Hughes 3/21(6) sent down some "Cadbury's Allsorts" as the Maggies melted. Chasing 145 Wistow sent a "Tremor" through the Clift as the crowd were shaking as a small mini collapse (7/54) had them reeling including big scalps Willis (0) and "Barrel" Lynn(20). But a match winning stand by MT Hein and B Heinrich(35) they scored the winning runs in the 39th over. Mitchell Hein (59) not out, is  having a great season with the bat  and took control of the job at hand to give Wistow a much needed win. Brett Heinrich showed patience and class with some luck to get the Visitors over line in a shock loss for the Maggies. The pair put on an unbeaten 91 to add some excitement to the middle order traffic on the Premiership Table.

No Result of Strath V Woodside at time of Write Ups

RD 4  Nov 23rd Day 2
Woodside 7/282 dec & 0/0 dec Def L/Creek 150 (57.2)& 7/114 (28)               
Wistow 158 (56.5) Def Ashbourne 156 & 5/124                                       
Strath 7/239 (70) & 4/51 Def
Loby 124 Def by Hahndorf 9/259 (70) & 6/99                               

Rd 4 Write Ups Day 2
"Stallions" storm home to belt the "Razors" by 81 runs to stamp their authority on the competition and you would have to ask are Nairne venerable chasing solid scores. Todd "Big Bash" Heinrich (50) was the best for the visitors while the Murray Towns "spider" Luke Harrowfield (36) again got a start but didn't go on, as on the turf at strath Mark "Tony" Abbott 5/63 (22.1) was outstanding and the Razors had no answers. Damian Newham 3/37(18) got amongst the spoils. At stumps Strath were in trouble at 4/51 Harding (15) and Godson (2) wickets were best but it was all about the first innings and the Stallions have jumped a big hurdle too look in good form just before Christmas.   

Wistow. V Ashbourne
The home side resumed at 1/44 and as I tipped this game would go right down to the wire in a close one and that it was. Details are sketchy with no player scores entered but Matt Hein (37) top scored and Andrew "Stiddo" Stiddson 3/26(8) was the best of the bowling as Wistow crawled to 158 All Out to take the chocolates.
Ashbourne faced 26 overs to stumps for sum batting practice but didn't fare much better to be 5/124(26) overs. Andy Malkin (63)no showed some class but the bulls will need to lift their batting to be a finals contender this season. Mitch Hein (2) wickets was the best of the Wistow bowlers whilst for Ashbourne Todd Price 6&13 failed in both knocks to maybe have the  "Bulls" selection table in a spin.

Woodside V L/Creek
The Creeks resumed at 2/26 and with "TJ" Johnson out it was always going to be a tough ask 282. Daniel Cleggett (57) had other ideas making a good half century and his patience was encouraging for the Creeks. Chris Baschiera (5) wickets and a run out was the Warriors star to take "man of the match" honours. Woodside looking for maximum points then done the rare thing in cricket Declaring 0/0 to set up an outright victory. The Creeks needed 133 off 28 overs with "TJ" Johnson (77) from 78 balls gave the Warriors a scare However the Creeks held out the Outright win to at least show some courage and respect to the scoreboard. Matthew Johnson bowled well for the "Woodies" taking (3) wickets.

Loby V Hahndorf ~ scores NOT ENTERED on website in time.


Strath hosted Nairne in the match of the round. In the past Strath have struggled for runs on their home deck but 239 from 70 sees them in a good position to take the points it what will certainly put pressure on my BIG call above! The Stallions won the toss and batted and why not and with runs on the board all that's left to do is put some water into the pitch mid week and the rest is history. All jokes aside they were off to a scary start when the 'Razors' found the right areas to have Strath reeling at 4/41. With Matt (14) and Mark  (6) Abbott back under the veranda along with gun Luke Cousins(4) and N Pelle (3) Nairne had the pressure right on. The "aeroplane man" Jarred Tait 3/46(21) was flying, this time some little cess nors but some great work behind the stumps by Shane "chuky"  Berkett with a stumping, catch and Run Out helped the top order collapse. But from there it was all one way traffic as Stephen "Scooter" Schofield (104) and Ben "Cuzzo" Cousins (86)no added 166 for the 5th wicket to put the home side in a strong position . Schofield dominated the Razor attack with some luck along the way to smash a fine Century while "Cuzzo" in the late overs just ran out of deliveries to record his own tonne but from the bad start the Stallions will take the 239 batting first against the reining Premier.  Strath faced their allotted 70 overs to be 7/239 at close of play. Wickets fell in late overs chasing quick runs but for Nairne the pitch didn't help too much with Strike bowlers M.Harden 1/59 (15), "chippy" Collins 0/57(16) and the Murray Towns "spider" Luke Harrowfield 0/20(7) getting little assistance from Luke "cabbage" Cousins flat garden bed. Next week should be a classic finish for the "Goods train" batting line up and a big test under pressure to see against a solid Strath attack whether the Razors can get the money.  


Round 3 FINAL Scores

Hahndorf 239 def. by Nairne 7/329
Wistow 6/178 dec def. Langhornes Creek 94 & 74 (outright) RESULTS NOT ENTERED IN TIME FOR WRITE UPS 
Loby 79(33) & 8/142(31) def. by Strath 9/292 & 2/53 dec (6)
Ashbourne 176 def by Woodside 325 & 6/124 RESULTS NOT ENTERED IN TIME FOR WRITE UPS   


Nairne had faced 13 overs and resumed at 1/43 with Todd "BIG Bash" Heinrich (25no) and Luke "spider" Harrowfield (10no) and as I predicted Nairne had no trouble reaching the total with the "Goods Train" batting line up just rolling on.
Although been beaten in Rd 2 as the season goes on the Razors are going to be the team to beat again. The pair added 91 (2/99) in subdued mode with Todd facing 95 balls and Harrowfield 88 balls however the slow scoring got the job done. "spider" went 5 runs later (3/104) and the Maggies were back in the match but a 90 run stand  (4/194) for the fourth wicket put the visitors in the box seat as Richard Godson (92) and "captain kym" Heinrich (49) dominated the home sides bowlers in a polished display to show how "sharp" these Razors are. 'Jezza' Tait (67) came out and played "aeroplane" cricket flying some "464"s, however Nairne batted the day out finishing with 7/329 to record some important percentage and batting practice early in the season. For Hahndorf M. Jaensch 4/90(24) battled hard but on the small Maggie oval 239 was never going to be enough as Nairne stamp their authority on the competition.

Wistow V L/Creek
NO Day 2 results entered at time of write up

Loby V Strath
At Lobethal, what a funny old game this cricket is. Strathalbyn bundled out Loby in just 33 overs with Kristan Georgiou (22) the only batsman to offer any resistance. It would be fair to say the middle order didn't fire with a collapse of 8/25 in a dirty day out for the Tigers. The Strath bowlers were on fire  
and Loby had no answers(no details updated on web). Strath then belted the loby bowlers facing just 6 overs and declared at 2/53 hitting some 9 runs an over S. Higgins 2/18(3) was the pick of the bowlers. This left Loby 31 overs to win outright but it looked more likely strath would take 10 wickets after the home sides dismal 1st innings effort. Chasing 267 for victory the home side were nearly bowled out at stumps 8/142 (31) overs. B.Matthews 43 (47) balls was in good 2nd innings form while the "kernel" Col Hackett made 20 runs to add to his 8899 career runs already scored for his beloved tigers.
It would appear "wombles" Wimberley may have been absent from the score sheet, so Strath were very unlucky not to get maximum points.
Summing up it was a shocking effort by Loby they will have to re group while Strath will take a lot of confidence heading toward Christmas. 

Ash. V Wood.
No Day 2 results entered at time of write up

Round 2 Write Ups.
Nairne 227 def by Loby 229 All Out.

In Reply Nairne resumed in trouble at 2/15. An 82 run 3rd wicket partnership got the Razors back on track "Tumbles" Taarnby (23) supported Godson who made a fine (68). But when they departed the home side were again in trouble at 4/106. Dave Huxter 5/40(15) was on fire and when "Big Bash" Todd Hienrich (22),and Clint "peanut" Foster (0) & Shane Berkett(0) departed it was game on and at 7/147 the Tigers had their tails up."Captain Kym" Hienrich (26)  & "Jezza" Tait(66) tried to swing the Razors to victory and almost pulled off an unlikely win but when the Captain had his castle smashed Loby had the edge (8/195) and as we have seen before Nairne have a longer batting order than a goods train. Tait ran out of partners to be last out as the match ended in a thriller, Huxter with two victims bowled and one LB was man of the match (5for)as Nairne in a rare feet were beaten at home bowled out two runs short for 227.   

L/Creek (116) & 6/79 def by Ashbourne 8/189 dec

"The Bulls" started at 1/24. and had little trouble reaching the Creeks 116 going on to declare at 8/189 (46) overs.
Sending the Creeks in for the Outright they didn't fair much better been 6/79 at stumps from (34) overs Tom "TJ" Johnson and T.Jolly top scored with 14 a piece in what looks a long season for the boys from SA's best wine region.

Strath 129 & 3/64 def by Hahndorf 174 & 4/126dec
The Stallions fell 45 runs short of the Magies and as we seen last year, points count right to the end of 70 overs. 
Strath only occupied the crease for 37 overs hence setting up an unlikely out right for Hahndorf. The Maggies declared their second innings closed at 4/126 with M Humphris (41) doing most of the damage. This set Strath around 180 for victory,At stumps Strath had some batting practice to be 3/64 of (12) overs at 5 an over to see the match end up in a draw.

Woodside 129 & 3/137 d Wistow 121
The Warriors got the points at Warrior Park in the only home side to record a win in a close finish. Wistow chasing the modest total found runs hard to come by. Details not updated but they faced 69.1 overs for a low score of 121 to give victory to the home side by 8 runs. Aaron Galvin 6/56(31) showed again why he is a class player in a marathon performance. Druwitt (18) overs the only other bowler to bowl double figure overs gave the "ironman" good support but at the end of the day Wistow taking 5/9 wickets on day one, their batters didn't  capitalise on the bowlers work and the end result it was the one that got away from "the boys on the hill". Woodside batted a 2nd innings to be 3/137 (26) at stumps to not only get some extra points but run Jeremy "snoda" Snoad (58) into form.


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