Executive Committee



The Alexandra & Eastern Hills Cricket Association is a proud country cricket association,

headed by an Executive Committee comprised of nine members as elected at the Annual General Meeting.








Name:   Joe Hill


In his seventh season as President of Alexandra & Eastern Hills Cricket Association, Joe's tremendous professionalism, dedication, experience and leadership has guided our Association to its current standing as one of the premier and innovative country cricket associations in South Australia. Renowned for leading the revival of Finniss CC from recess in 2007, Joe has been a wonderful and passionate supporter and promoter of cricket in our community. Recently awarded Life Membership of Finniss CC after serving as president for 10 seasons, Joe continues to demonstrate significant passion and dedication to see our Association succeed. 






Name:   Michael Cutting


Michael joined the A&EHCA Executive Committee for the first time in 2019/2020 in the role of Vice President. He brings a mix of valuable experiences to the role having spent a number of years at Strathalbyn Cricket Club as a president, player, parent and junior coach. 





Name:   Steven Schofield


Steven has entered his tenth season on the Executive and is our longest-serving Secretary. Steven's significant playing experience and strong dedication and interpersonal skills are crucial in one of our most vital roles that links communication between the Executive and other clubs, the community and other parties. Recently awarded Life Membership at Strathalbyn CC, "Schoey" is a long-serving committee member of his club, has been a regular feature in our A Grade competition since 1994/95 as a determined top-order batsman. 






Name:   Cheryl Gillies


A passionate supporter of cricket and helping others in our community, Cheryl is the longest-serving Treasurer of the Alexandra & Eastern Hills Cricket Association. A very proud and passionate Life Member of the Macclesfield Cricket Club, Cheryl has overseen one of our most important roles since 2009 and her dedication is second to none. In addition to her cricket club, Cheryl is a popular character in the Macclesfield community, displaying her strong values and commitment to others by volunteering in various community groups.





Name:   Andrew Stidston



For over two decades, Andrew has been a passionate supporter and volunteer of cricket at both Association and club level in our community. At Association level, he has served since 2007 in the roles of Vice President and Statistical Officer. Stiddo is a highly-dedicated player and volunteer of the Ashbourne Cricket Club, having served on the club's committee for the past 23 years, helping to maintain one of the league's most beautiful grounds in Ashbourne Oval. 






Name:   Trevor Potts


Trevor forms an integral part of our Executive Committee as both a long-time player and valuable servant to cricket in our community for over three decades. Trevor's playing career extends beyond when our Association was formed in 1983 and continues playing to this day with well over 400 games under his belt for Langhorne Creek. He has served in the role of club president for the past four seasons, is a former long-term A Grade captain and premiership player and has been a long-time committee member and volunteer for his club.  





Name:   Ben Hull


Ben has been involved as a player, volunteer and administrator at Echunga Cricket Club for many years and has recently been instrumental in the establishment of the Eastern Falcons women's cricket team. The Eastern Falcons are the region's first dedicated open age women's cricket team and compete in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association. 





Name:   Mark Stokes


Mark brings a wealth of experience having been a top A Grade player for Mt Barker and Nairne from the late 1980's through to the early 2000's. He also represented A&EHCA at Meyer Shield level in 25 matches and been selected at Country Cup level. Off the field, he's held a variety of roles and been a passionate advocate to build the new Summit Sport and Recreation from right back in the very early days of the proposed project. 





Name:   Sam Morgan


Sam has held the role of President of Nairne Cricket Club for the past few seasons where he has overseen continued participation growth at junior level of sustained success right across the grades. He's an enthusiastic player and now has children of his own involved in junior cricket. 

1983-84Keith Nessn/aD WillisonB Cornell
1984-85Keith Ness

W Potts

N Baulderstone (Junior VP)

D WillisonPerry Jones
1985-86Keith NessW Potts
N Baulderstone (Junior VP)
D WillisonPerry Jones
1986-87Keith NessG Ladhams
B Taylor
M ElliottPerry Jones
1987-88Keith NessB Taylor
R Landseer
M ElliottPerry Jones
1988-89Keith NessA Rice
R Landseer
M ElliottPerry Jones
1989-90Keith NessJ Jaensch
R Landseer
M ElliottPerry Jones
1990-91Stan Schofieldn/aM ElliottPerry Jones
1991-92Stan Schofieldn/aM ElliottPerry Jones
1992-93Stan Schofieldn/aRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1993-94Stan SchofieldR Landseer
A Rice
Robin CromptonPerry Jones
1994-95Stan SchofieldS Morrison
A Fielke
Roger FarleyRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1995-96Tony FielkeTerry HughesPat RyanRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1996-97Terry Hughesn/aEddie JanmaatRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1997-98Terry Hughesn/aEddie JanmaatRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1998-99Terry Hughesn/aEddie JanmaatRobin CromptonPerry Jones
1999-00Grant Blackwelln/aEddie JanmaatRoger FarleyPerry Jones
2000-01Grant BlackwellRoger FarleyEddie JanmaatRoger FarleyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2001-02Roger FarleyGary WholaganMark CookRichard WilliamsPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2002-03Roger FarleyGary WholaganMark CookMichael PerreyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2003-04Roger FarleyGary WholaganGeoff LynnMichael PerreyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2004-05Roger FarleyGary WholaganGeoff LynnMichael PerreyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2005-06Geoff WarrenGary WholaganGeoff LynnMichael PerreyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2006-07Geoff WarrenGary WholaganGeoff LynnMichael PerreyPerry Jones / Andrew Stidston
2007-08Geoff WarrenGeoff BroughamGeoff LynnMichael PerreyAndrew Stidston
2008-09Geoff WarrenPerry JonesGeoff LynnMichael PerreyAndrew Stidston
2009-10Geoff WarrenPerry JonesGeoff LynnCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston
2010-11Geoff WarrenPerry JonesMerilyn LeeCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston
2011-12Damien NettlePerry JonesMerilyn LeeCheryl GilliesJoe Hill
2012-13Damien NettleJoe HillSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston
2013-14Damien NettleJoe HillSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston
2014-15Damien NettleJoe HillSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesScott Smith
2015-16Joe HillAndrew StidstonSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesScott Smith
2016-17Joe HillAndrew StidstonSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesScott Smith
2017-18Joe HillAndrew StidstonSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesScott Smith
2018-19Joe HillAndrew StidstonSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesScott Smith
2019-20Joe HillMichael CuttingSteven SchofieldCheryl Gillies Andrew Stidston
2020-21Joe Hill Michael CuttingSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston
2021-22 Joe HillMichael CuttingSteven SchofieldCheryl GilliesAndrew Stidston







Keith Ness 7 Perry Jones 28
Joe Hill 7 Andrew Stidston 21*
Geoff Warren 6 Cheryl Gillies 13*
Stan Schofield 5 Joe Hill 11*
Roger Farley 4 Steven Schofield 10*
Damien Nettle 4 Keith Ness 7
Terry Hughes 3 Robin Crompton 7
Grant Blackwell 2 Geoff Warren 6
Tony Fielke 1 Roger Farley 6
M Elliott 6
Steven Schofield 10* Scott Smith 5
M Elliott 6 Stan Schofield 5
Geoff Lynn 6 Eddie Janmaat 5
M Elliott 6 Michael Perrey 5
Eddie Janmaat 5    
Cheryl Gillies 13*    
Robin Crompton 7    
M Elliott 6    
Michael Perrey 5#    
Perry Jones 23    
Andrew Stidston 16*    
Scott Smith 5    
B Cornell 1    
Joe Hill 1    

Paul Thompson

Club: Umpire